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These poems are written to inspire and encourage friends and people in general.  We should never give up on our dream that God has in store for us. Having a relationship with God and when you pray and trust in the Lord is the best thing that we can ever do. If you are going through trials, tribulations or a tough time prayer is the answer. We all need a word of encouragement when we are going through trials and a tribulation.  We all go through "A Test" and sometimes we can be put through a test of faith if we don't pass the test we will find ourselves going back through the same Test.  

We are all put through a test every day.  If you live long enough everybody has their share of trials and tribulations. I'm quite sure you had some kind of financial, spiritual, emotional and you may not be able to see your way. But when you start believing and trusting God everything gets better in your life.  God will come on his time and he is always on time.   This poem talks about going through a test. You may say why me Lord but who are we. If they nailed Jesus Christ to the cross they will do the same to us. So why not you, we have to keep our trust in the Lord always no matter what the circumstances is.  

So these Christian poems express how to keep your faith regardless of any situation you may be facing in life. A person can call on Jesus for anything. We have to keep our faith and trust in the Lord and thank Jesus everyday for everything and allowing us to live another day.  There are several bible verses that can help each and every one of us whatever circumstance that we are going through.  He is worthy to be praise. Jesus loves you and everybody no matter what they do in life because he is a loving and a forgiving God. I hope you enjoy these poems because God has a plan for you and me.  God is good all of the time and he loves you!

"When Two People Become As One" They becomes as lovers. This poem makes a beautiful gift for family, husband, wives, grandparents and friends who are preparing for marriage and for parents and grandparents who had been married for a long time.  When two people care for one another regardless of any situation that comes up in a person marriage they will stick it out and continue to love one another. When two people have a good relationship with one another it makes a difference in a marriage. 

The poem "God Knows Us" We don't have to hide anything because Jesus knows everything about us. He knows every move we make no matter if it's in the dark or light. God cares all about us and he wants us to be saved. So once we turn our life around, he will make a way out of no way.

Through my experience, I learn whatever happens in life; Jesus can change and turn things around so fast that we don't have to worry about anything. He will make our enemies our foot stool, so why should we worry when Jesus takes care of the little birds. 


Prayer is the key to your answer. When we pray serious that Jesus is going to bless us you will receive your blessings. We need to stay pray up every day because things can happen so fast.  There’s no problem never too big for Jesus.  When we place the problem in Jesus hands he surely will take care of it in his time and not in our time. 

If you like to check out the poems, click on the home page or products and you can read more about the poems.


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