Learn How To Play Piano Starting Today

A New way to play piano!

How To Play Piano

Everybody has talent and one of my talents is playing piano, a gift from God. I learn how to play piano at age four by watching family members. Playing piano was easy for me to learn because I took an interest in wanting to learn how to play piano by watching and then try to play the piano like my family members.  I have so many people that ask could you show me how to play piano.  I wanted to share with you that there are other ways to learn how to play piano and I wanted to introduce you to it.  

First, you must have an interest in learning and no matter what it takes to learn.  We need to practice daily and see it as a way of accelerating the learning process so that SOON you’ll be able to ‘play’ piano and play it well. If you don’t practice and you just play old familiar tunes you would learn slowly. You would get better playing those familiar tunes but you won’t be pushing yourself to playing piano.  Playing piano helps you stride forwards.  A lot of people have an idea that practice IS just playing songs over and over but it’s not. Practice needs to involve getting involved and practicing chords. “The golden rule is – ‘practice what you CAN’T play, not what you CAN play”. 

Second, you need to be very dedicated to learn your notes or learn by ear. It’s your choice and your desires of how you want to play piano.  Ask yourself a question, do you want to know all your chords so that you can develop your style of playing piano or do you want to play simple chords. Some people play one chord to every song. How they do it, I don’t know but when I play piano I try to make it sound like the music so that you know what I’m playing. See video

Third, if you want to know all your chords without thinking about how they are formedthen work out a practice routine that leads to that goal and work out what you want to achieve. Maybe you want to learn about inversions or chord substitution – again, make the practice fit the goal. 

Split your practice session into two halves. In the first half play the difficult stuff – your mind is sharper to begin with – then rewards yourself with some enjoyable but reasonably difficult tunes. Make sure you are comfortable. Many a bad back has happened because of a bad piano stool at the wrong height. Make sure your piano is in tune.  If you don’t have a good piano and you are serious about learning GO BUY A GOOD ONE. You can learn how to play piano if you really put effort in it.