Bracketron Xventure triCaddy Flex Pro Mount

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Product Information

Secure your camera or smartphone in the Bracketron TriCaddy Flex tripod, and get ready to capture your swings for later analysis. The flexible legs can function as a standalone tripod or wrap around nearly any object, such as a golf cart, push cart or golf bag. Use the TriCaddy Flex Pro as a tripod or to connect to your bag, golfcart or almost any attachable surface. The flexible arm allows you to record at creative angles using your smartphone or camera

  • SmartGrip legs flex and bend for perfect recording angles using your smartphone or camera
  • Spring-loaded mount holds smartphones up to 3.5" wide
  • Standard 1/4" thread for camera use
  • Mount Dimensions: 4.25-5.25 Inches Wide x 2.5-3.75 Inches High x 0.75 Inches Deep