Chef'sChoice 415 Exact-V Diamond Hone Manual Knife Sharpener, 2-Stage, Black

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Product Information

Finally ... a V-type sharpener for knives and tools with precision angle guides!

The Chef'sChoice Diamond Hone exact-V Sharpener Model 415 features a two-stage sharpening system using 100% diamond abrasives. It's the only "V-type" manual sharpener which combines the essential key features to consistently excellent knife sharpening: a removable spring-loaded sharpening guide, two-stage dual angle sharpening and 100% diamond abrasives in an easy-to-use, compact design that is safe for quality knives and tools. By applying Chef'sChoice technology to the vintage "V-type" sharpening method, users are provided with the ability to accurately reproduce a double-bevel edge for razor sharpness and durability with the 415. It puts an exceedingly sharp edge on a broad range of knives including hunting knives, pocket and fish fillet knives as well as kitchen cutlery, household knives and tools. It can be used on knives of any size, sharpening all the way from tip to bolster or handle. By incorporating precision angle control, the Model 415 eliminates the key reasons why conventional V-type sharpeners fail to consistently produce satisfactory results.

Angle control, two sharpening stages -- sharpening and honing -- and the use of 100% diamond abrasives create an incredibly sharp double bevel edge that is much stronger and longer-lasting than the conventionally sharpened edge. Because the cutting edge of a well-sharpened blade is microscopically thin, the force of cutting eventually folds the edge over. Conventionally sharpened, single-bevel, hollow ground or v-shaped edges are weak and fold easily. The arch-shaped edge that Edgecraft's Model 415 puts on the blade is stronger and resists folding longer. In the first stage, the Model 415's spring mechanism angle guide, with adjustable sharpening force, precisely controls the sharpening angle and sharpening speed while coarser diamond abrasives on the sharpening rod remove the old weak edge and create the first bevels on both sides of the blade. Before sharpening in the second stage, both abrasive rods are rotated 180 degrees to the fine abrasive side, creating the second bevel, on both sides of the blade, polishing the edge to razor sharpness.

By removing the angle guides, the Model 415 can also be used as a conventional V-type sharpener. The built-in compact storage box conveniently holds the sharpening rods and angle guide and is easy to use. Ideal for use in the field, at camp or home, the Model 415 requires no electricity, no lubrication and is portable, compact and lightweight.

  • Uses 100% diamond abrasives for 20 degree class knives
  • Precision, spring-loaded angle control guide for razor sharp edges
  • 2-Stage sharpening system
  • Base converts into compact, lightweight and portable storage box