Nature Bright Buddy Lux 10,000 LUX Light Therapy Panel

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UV-Free 10,000 LUX Light
The Buddy Lux brings the light of a springtime morning into your home or office. Using your light therapy lamp on a regular basis during the fall, winter, and spring months will not only keep your moods and energy levels up, but it will also pleasantly brighten your home or office! The Buddy Lux may be used as a task light, reading lamp, or placed on a shelf for enjoyable ambient light. You can rest assured that the Buddy Lux unit was designed with the highest quality and safety standards.

Powerful Yet Gentle Light Therapy
With Nature Bright's new BuddyLux Group Light Therapy Panel, you can treat our entire family or office to the revitalizing effects of indoor light therapy. The Buddy Lux is powered by SkyEffect technology and is designed to elevate mood, energy levels, and mental clarity by simulating natural sunlight. The light therapy panel emits a 10,000-LUX light, producing a calm, invigorating aura that can help your body get back into sync. Thanks to the BuddyLux's large screen, the unit can deliver light therapy to groups of people as well as pets, making it ideal for use in living rooms, family rooms, conference rooms, and other common areas.

  • Powerful yet gentle 10, 000 LUX light therapy
  • Ideal for the classroom, office, entire family, even pets
  • Versatile placement options: wall or floor
  • Easy-to-use Foot tap on/off switch great for seniors
  • Metal 24 x 24 inch LED lighting panel cousumes only 34W
  • Ideal for the Entire Family
  • Versatile Placement Options
  • Buddy Lux can also be used as a make-up light.


  • Ideal for groups of people or pets
  • Designed to brighten mood and increase energy on wintry days
  • SkyEffect technology emits gentle UV-free light
  • Versatile placement options; place on floor or mount on wall
  • Energy-efficient design